Label Development


MPSS are the experts in label development, we handle everything from label design, planning, production, packing, finishing and testing. Our label development services include:

  • Develop all new label design options and specifications for new label developments.
  • Develop planning and production methods and work flow for new label designs.
  • Creation of waste monitoring system of work flow to help with further machine developments to decrease wastage.
  • Get approval of newly developed labels.
  • Travel to customer sites globally to update their production teams on new label development and advantages of new labels for their businesses.
  • Develop packing and finishing for delivery to customer to enable customer’s easy handling and storage in their production environment as they have limited space within their working cells.
  • Follow up trials and new developments with customers and their sub-contractors globally.
  • Testing and sign of of all new machinery required for new developments in labelling and arranging and planning of training with staff for this machinery.