Global Sourcing


MPSS have many years experience sourcing fabrics and providing solutions to companies on a global scale.

These services include:

  • Management and selection globally of primary and secondary suppliers for fabric raw materials for production.
  • Negotiation on pricing of sourced materials.
  • Development of existing fabrics and new fabrics and finishes on fabrics.
  • Development of wash testing and standards which are acceptable and measured with suppliers.
  • Analysis of competitor offers in fabrics and threat to business from these newly developed fabrics by competitors.
  • Travel to sites and arranging samples from all global suppliers in Asian region and turkey.
  • Working with customer laboratories and outside independent laboratories on getting sourced fabrics tested and agreed by customer for their garments.
  • Sourcing adhesive products and testing and approval of same for adhesive labelling.
  • Follow up trials and developments of new fabrics and report back to customers on same.
  • Monitoring of recovery of bad quality fabrics and labels.
  • Sourcing and testing of all new machinery globally required for new production methods and developments.
  • Sourcing lab equipment for testing and certification on a global basis.